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Today’s labels enable marketers to reproduce almost photo realistic artwork on plastic tubes. From flowers, to faces or holographic effects – highly sophisticated artwork can be replicated in more detail by using self-adhesive labels as the decoration technology of choice. Let CCL Tube show you how.

Full-Wrap Or Spot labels
• Provide 360° Decoration with Overlap  •
• Ensures Artwork Continuity  •  Very Stylish Look  •

Shrink-Over-The Shoulder & Crimp-Through
• Made with Proprietary Materials  • 
•  Exclusive to CCL Tube  •
•  No Label Wrinkling or Flagging  •
•  Provide 100% Tube Coverage  •
• No Undecorated Tube Areas  • 
• Enables the use of high-gloss and metallic effects  •
• Adds Elegance  • 
•  Gives a Stand-Alone Image to a Product  •

Expanded Content
•  Expanded Directions  •  Informative Labels  •
•  Multilingual Information  •  Promotions

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